What’s Possible. Harnessed.

Someone once said, “We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.”

The year was 1902.  Two young men from Ohio stood on top of a hill at Kitty Hawk looking up at the sky.  After cautiously rolling their large glider into position, they began to charge down the hill.

Surprise wind gusts and structural problems caused countless crashes, but every time the two brothers would get up, dust themselves off and try again.

After several modifications to the plane, they finally got the design right–but the brothers didn’t want to fly a glider.  They wanted powered flight.

There was one huge problem.  They couldn’t find the designs for an engine that was light enough. But just when the situation was beginning to look impossible, their mechanic Charlie Taylor took it upon himself to make one.

Finally on a cold December 17th, one year later, the brothers once again charged down the hill, this time with the small custom engine mounted to the “Wright Flyer”.  Once they were up to speed, they achieved liftoff.  It wasn’t pretty, but that 12 seconds of sustained flight sparked the future of human aeronautics, ignited a global economy and captured the imaginations of many generations to come.

An impossible situation turned into a great opportunity for two young men who weren’t afraid to crash, realized what was possible–and had one hell of a mechanic.

Who’s your Charlie Taylor?

Scott Sandie Profile
Scott Sandie | Principal
  • Nobody closes efficiency, effectiveness and regulatory compliance gaps like Scott.
  • Grit.  Competence.  Perseverance.  Takes a why not approach!
  • 25 years of HR and Business Management Experience.
  • Proven Track Record.
  • Favorite 80’s Song: “We’re Not Gonna’ Take It” Twisted Sister
Profile Photo
Greg Ross | Principal
  • Certified Human Capital Management Expert.
  • Confidence.  Ingenuity.  School of Hard Knocks!!!
  • 15 Years of Experience as a Business Owner and Auditor.
  • Strong Business Operations Background and Non-Profit Management
  • Favorite 80’s Song: “I Ran” Flock of Seagulls

While working together to consult with best-in-class organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest, we’ve seen crashes and successes alike.  Drawing upon extensive experience from our careers in business and knowledge of industry best practices, we can help boost your business performance through better management of your human capital.

You’ve worked hard to build your business, now it’s time to really make it fly.

Scott and Greg

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